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NIHR Enhanced Recovery Report

2014 July 29
by webmaster


Thanks to Wendy Lewis (@ERPwend) for alerting us to this latest NIHR publication which is titled

“Initiatives to reduce length of stay in acute hospital settings: a rapid synthesis of evidence relating to enhanced recovery programmes”

A comprehensive summary concluding that there is consistent (albeit limited) evidence that enhanced recovery programmes may reduce length of patient hospital stay without increasing readmission rates in the NHS (it was mainly general surgery studies that were looked at and not orthopaedics).

They conclude that further single-centre RCTs are not a priority. Rather, what is needed is improved data collection and reporting of how enhanced recovery programmes are implemented, resourced and experienced in NHS settings.

Full reference here

Paton F, Chambers D, Wilson P, Eastwood A, Craig D, Fox D, et al. Initiatives to reduce length of stay in acute hospital settings: a rapid synthesis of evidence relating to enhanced recovery programmes. Health Serv Deliv Res 2014;2(21).

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