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Enhanced recovery delivers what is best for individual patients and the health service as a whole

2010 January 26
by webmaster

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Rob Middleton presented the case for enhanced recovery when speaking at The Great Debate meeting last week. The meeting, held at the Science Museum in London attracts surgeons from around the world who come together to learn about the latest concepts in hip and knee replacement surgery.

In a session titled “Who wants to pay and who makes the decisions”, Rob presented data and examples of how an enhanced recovery pathway had delivered excellent results for patients at the same time as providing bottom line savings and operational efficiencies. Rob detailed the excellent clinical outcomes, and high levels of patient staff satisfaction which had been achieved when implementing an enhanced recovery pathway. This was accompanied by data illustrating the reductions in length of stay achieved, and the consequent operational and economical efficiencies.

Lord Darzi also spoke in the session, and outlined the political challenges faced by surgeons to continue to deliver what is right for the patient at the same time as being financially prudent. Lord Darzi quoted some of the examples given in Rob’s talk, acknowledging the role that enhanced recovery pathways can have in providing the best possible care to patients whilst meeting the operational and economical needs of the health service.

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