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Enhanced Recovery addition of Current Anaesthesia and Critical Care

2010 April 24
by webmaster

The spotlight is on Enhanced Recovery in the June addition of Current Anaesthesia and Critical Care. 8 articles are devoted to enhanced recovery, and the topic is introduced by Martin Kuper who is a National Clinical Advisor on Enhanced Recovery at the Department of Health.

Martin describes the growing role for anaesthetists in surgical pathways and suggests that anaesthetists “should be judged not just on the traditional ‘anaesthetic’ outcomes of postoperative pain and nausea, but on the basis of their shared responsibility for ‘surgical’ outcomes such as complications and length of stay”.

He goes on to detail the possible role for anaesthetists at all stages in the perioperative journey, and it is certainly our experience that anaesthetists have a vital role in helping to develop effective, safe and high quality enhanced recovery pathways. To visit the pages of Current Anaesthesia and Critical Care and access the 8 articles on enhanced recovery click here.

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