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Welcome to the enhanced recovery blog.

This blog is maintained by Tom Wainwright and Rob Middleton. We are passionate about improving the quality of care for patients and believe that enhanced recovery pathways can help to do this. The aim of the blog is to share and spread ideas on how best to implement enhanced recovery pathways.

We have first hand experience of successfully introducing an award winning enhanced recovery pathway which led to dramatic clinical and economic improvements. Read about our experience here An Orthopaedic Enhanced Recovery Pathway. We now want to help others to do the same so that the maximum number of patients can benefit.

The blog is created by us in an individual capacity and it is our personal web site, it is not edited or connected to any of the organisations that we work for or with. The contents of the “enhanced recovery blog” are therefore strictly protected by copyright and all rights are reserved. We welcome others to quote the content of the articles on the internet or in their own blogs, but ask that they reference the “enhanced recovery blog” when they do so. In addition, short quotes for comment or review are also welcome in print, but anyone wishing to do so is asked to contact us in advance of any publication. We also welcome all comments, suggestions, and criticisms at the end of each post, with the understanding that it may sometimes be necessary to modify, adapt, and edit content.

Short Biographies

Tom Wainwright originally worked as a physiotherapist before working in clinical research. More recently he has held managerial roles within the NHS including leading the design, implementation, and delivery of an award winning enhanced recovery pathway.

Robert Middleton is a consultant orthopaedic surgeon who specialises clinically in hip surgery. He is a highly active researcher with a passion for quality improvement in healthcare. He has led the successful implementation of enhanced recovery pathways at both a local and national level.